How can we help?

I am trying to gather as much as I can from my foreign famous friends that can help, because¬†government¬†just announced that they will help in 48 hours period wich may be too late for this little angel…and that makes me sad and angry.
Nora Situm is 5 years old, almost 6. She is very special human being, like each one of us, but she needs your attention and HELP right now. Her mother sent a letter to all media today, citizens of Croatia are gathering to help, hoping it will not be too late, government is keeping silent.
This is a letter from her mother:
” On 1st of december 2012 our lives stopped.
Her childhood stopped. She is diagnosed with limfoblastic leuchemia, and that’s where the fight started.
27 days later little Nora (the Croatian lion) fell into a coma. It lasted for 11 days and doctors told that she will not wake up. But, she did! She started her life all over again, learning how to walk, talk, play..
After visiting Rebro hospital in Zagreb the chemoterapy started and it lasted for 9 month. Bringing her back to life was a long and painfull process. Including lot of pills and medications. 10 month after, the sickness came back. The process of healing started all over again. Till this day, she was in a coma three times. The light at the end of the tunnel was a new method parents found out for her treatment, but the hospital is in Philadelphia (USA)- The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Her last medication couldn’t save her. Last chance is leaving Croatia as soon as possible and starting the treatment.

Parents made contacts with the hospital and doctors said that they are waiting for the little Croatian angel, medical records have been sent immidiately. But, time is our biggest enemy right now. Every second is important. She cannot live any longer without medicines and treatments unavailable in Croatia, or Europe. She has 8 days to go to her new battle. Nora is fighting with slow sistem, not only her disease.
Costs of her treatment are 575 000 USA dollars. Nobody has money, but people have big hearts and are helping via HOTLINE as much as they can. For the little lion of Croatia.

But, the time is ticking away for her… In the ammount the price of the plane tickets, her transport and stay for her parents are NOT included. We are fighting for Nora anyway we can. I am trying to activate all my foreign friends right now, expecially the ones I know that can help, that have the money or just a good will to think of a way to help this angel… Please my friend, can you help in any way? Let’s save the life now, not tomorrow, because it may be too late… YES WE CAN!!!nora fora

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